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Expanding Horizons: DysrupIT Announces Australian Tech Hub with James Cook University

In a world where cybersecurity threats evolve daily, staying ahead requires not just immediate solutions, but a vision for the future. Today we announce the launch of the DysrupIT Australian Tech Hub in partnership with James Cook University (JCU), part of our ongoing investment to support global cybersecurity resilience and innovation.

The Vision Behind the Tech Hub

DysrupIT’s security roadmap has been driven by a dual mission: to extend our global footprint in cybersecurity services and to contribute to the cultivation of talent within the industry. The Tech Hub in Townsville will create a melting pot of ideas, skills, and innovations. Here, DysrupIT’s seasoned Security Engineers and JCU’s brightest minds will collaborate on solutions that shape the future of cybersecurity.

What This Means for Our Customers

The establishment of the Tech Hub enhances our capability to serve customers across the globe, especially in regions grappling with a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. By combining our industry-leading expertise with the fresh perspectives of JCU graduates, we’re poised to offer more dynamic, sophisticated, and resilient cybersecurity solutions.

Elizabeth Hermosura - Founder of DysrupIT

Elizabeth Hermosura – Founder of DysrupIT

Elizabeth Hermosura, founder of DysrupIT explained, “Our collaboration with JCU symbolizes a fusion of industry experience and academic brilliance, aimed at crafting the next generation of cybersecurity solutions that are not only sophisticated but also resilient and dynamic. This initiative is deeply personal to me; it embodies our vision of not just responding to the cybersecurity threats of today but preemptively shaping a safer digital tomorrow for businesses and communities worldwide. I believe that by bringing together diverse minds and fostering a culture of innovation, we can achieve unparalleled strides in securing our digital landscape.

Looking Ahead

Commencing with our cybersecurity expertise, DysrupIT will continue to expand the services supported by the Tech Hub. In-line with those offered by our Hubs in the Philippines and India, Townsville will add our Cloud and as-a-Service expertise in IT infrastructure, DevOps, enterprise Saas (including Oracle Fusion Cloud, SAP Hana and Dynamics365), software engineering, information management and data analytics.

Ready to Elevate Your Cybersecurity?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, securing your operations has never been more critical. At DysrupIT, we’re at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, offering bespoke solutions that protect and empower businesses worldwide.

Whether you’re an enterprise, a technology firm, or a managed security service provider, our team is ready to tailor a cybersecurity strategy that fits your unique needs. Don’t leave your security to chance. Contact us today and discover how we can help safeguard your future in the digital age.