DysrupIT to Address Cybersecurity Challenges in Australia and the Philippines via Its Australian Tech Hub

DysrupIT Chief Financial Officer Gavan Porter and Head of Alliances and Partnerships Marco Hermosura had the exciting opportunity to visit James Cook University’s Engineering and Innovation Place this week. Joined by the Mayor of Townsville and Smart Precinct NQ, they witnessed firsthand the impressive future landmark innovation hub.

During the visit, DysrupIT discussed its plans to address Australia’s cybersecurity and AI skills shortage by leveraging Filipino cyber professionals’ expertise through DysrupIT’s Australian Tech Hub. The Hub will bring in cyber experts from the Philippines to train Australian graduates and reskill the Australian workforce.

The company aims to tackle the cybersecurity challenges in Australia and the Philippines, responding to the Australian government’s six cyber shields strategy and the Philippine government’s plans to fortify the nation’s security.

Dealing with cybersecurity and AI threats requires collaboration among different sectors, including government, industry, and education.

DysrupIT’s Australian Tech Hub is a step towards this collaboration, providing a two-way student and work exchange. It will help address the growing demand for cybersecurity and AI skills in Australia while innovating new products that the Philippines needs. The Tech Hub opens an excellent and exciting opportunity for international cooperation between the two countries.